Naturally, our customer support does not end with the installation and commissioning of an FKG system. Specially trained maintenance personnel are available to guarantee maximum availability for your system.

As today's systems technology is extremely costly, we believe that prevention must take precedence over repair. Downtimes are simply no longer something we can afford when it comes to linked productions (just in time). We offer corresponding maintenance contracts as preventive measures to ensure the consistent maintenance of every electroplating system. Our service team is committed to providing high system availability and increasing the life expectancy of your electroplating equipment.

Our software engineers are responsible for programming new control systems and maintaining them. If necessary, they can help you at any time online via remote maintenance and eliminate problems.

Our support concept includes repair and maintenance contracts for all electroplating equipment, naturally, also including equipment not supplied by our company, in combination with a fast and smooth spare parts service.

Spare parts

We supply a complete range of accessories for electroplating equipment to all interested parties via our spare parts department. For example, we supply power contacts, receptacles, immersion heaters, thermal controls, heating coils/heat exchangers, cooling coils/cooling exchangers, extraction frames, spray head units, pumps, level control systems, etc.


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