System conversion

Our spectrum of new systems construction is complemented by one of our company's specialities, the modernisation of existing systems.

In the case of a conversion and modernisation of existing systems, regardless of the manufacturer, we can ensure that they are brought up to the required state of the art in terms of mechanics, electrics, sensors, and control technology. This is accomplished both on the processing side and on the rinsing side, including the recirculation of entrained chemicals, the residual wastewater treatment and the entire supply and exhaust air system.

System modules

In some cases, it is not always necessary to rebuild and modernise entire systems. We regularly create individual system modules for our customers to selectively optimise existing system modules.

­­­­Our main ­­areas of interest in terms of ­­system ­modules are:

  • Transport trolley
  • Containers & container equipment
  • System controls
  • Control computers
  • Loading and unloading stations
  • Extraction technology
  • Programming modifications
  • Special components

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