Our core competence is the development of individual, tailor-made solutions for our customers, from the initial idea all the way to the finished plant. Thanks to our support through all phases of your project, you always work with the same contact person and enjoy the greatest possible level of flexibility from start to finish of your plant construction project.


From the first idea, we are there to support our customers’ plans to construct or convert a plant. We provide advice on a wide range of topics surrounding your plans. Apart from plant-specific technical issues, we also assist you with the corresponding regulations regarding occupational health and safety and environmental protection.


During the planning phase, you decide on the basic elements of your plant. Initial installation plans and the plant concept are developed. Our specialists plan your plant for you according to your specifications, incorporating the desired processes and in compliance with applicable regulations.  The plant is customized to your product and the respective process.


After we receive the go-ahead, the details of the plant are developed during the engineering phase. Based on the technological necessities, your ideas, and with regulatory requirements in mind, we develop and define the flow concept, the plant installation plan, profiles, etc., and adjust them to fit the final situation and the desired chemical process.

As a customer, you always benefit from our many years of know-how in the field of plant construction. Our solutions guarantee the greatest possible level of quality, safety and environmental protection.


We build our designs ourselves. What we plan and design, we complete. The plant components we manufacture are always at the cutting edge of technology. As far as possible, we manufacture and pre-assemble the plant in our facility.


Every FKG plant is designed and installed by our own technicians. This guarantees direct and quick completion of the construction process. What’s more, we can still integrate your final adjustments and changes even during assembly. This gives you the greatest possible level of flexibly.

Maintenance and Service

Our plant installers are also our service technicians. This allows us to guarantee our customers quick repairs of possible problems and thorough understanding of the plant, which translates to low maintenance costs and a long service life of the plant. We use exclusively original wear and replacement parts in our repair and servicing work on your plant.

Comprehensive project management

We offer our customers comprehensive project management for all elements of plant construction or conversion projects. As the general contractor and overall project managers for all other contractors, we provide professional project management with quick response times and punctuality.

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